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Do badly designed websites give you spots too?
We're not talking about HTML internals now, but simply the view a user gets. Ridiculous numbers of links and forms, images, frames, long pages... issues affecting the likelihood of a page being useable for humans.
Measly Mouse analyses pages for these basic signs of user (un)friendlyness. She stores her findings in a database to give you the Measly Mouse Top 10 of the worst pages.
Enjoy! Measly Mouse.
P.S. I'm not really sick. Like with websites, it's all in the make-up!

Have a page of your choice analysed!

This is the live Measly Mouse Top 10 of the worst pages:
15562744 Apr 201129502942634991352
23752326 Apr 201120802076862836870
33402899 Jul 2009301283115182419
42112210 Sep 2012841827271281746
51673861 Jun 20082011501134789
61388934 Sep 20121660165300911750
71375594 May 20131112108398854378
81218895 Oct 201472269432702799
91040576 Aug 2008201733287936
10910719 Oct 201162061269571775
The database currently contains 843 entries.

The scoring formula is BYTES + ((REQUESTS + LINKS) * 1024) where:
BYTES  is the total page content including stylesheets, images, etc.
REQUESTS  is the total number of requests required (including redirects) to get all page content.
LINKS  is the total number of clickable items on the page, including forms fields.
The rationale is that all requests take time and more links make a page less userfriendly.
Naturally every page contains some, it just gets bad if there are very many.

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